Spot Remover Spray

Choose confidence in every spray. As manufacturers of the leading industrial spot remover, we take pride in delivering unparalleled quality and performance. Elevate your cleaning standards with our top-selling product directly from the source of excellence in industrial cleaning solutions.

Ironing Starch Spray

Make your shirts stand out from the fold! Our industrial ironing starch for shirt producers ensures a flawless finish that speaks volumes even before the packaging. Elevate your brand`s presentation and leave a lasting impression on every shirt.

Silicon Spray

Discover the secret to smooth operations with our silicone spray – a reliable solution for lubrication and protection. Unleash the power of our advanced formula for a wide range of applications, ensuring lasting performance without compromise.

Fusing Cleaner Spray

Elevate confection production with Tusing Cleaner Spray. Our specialized formula ensures efficient cleaning of Teflon-coated fusing belts and iron soles, removing adhesives and contaminants.

Fast Tack Adhesive Spray for Emroidery

Transform your embroidery experience with our fast tack adhesive, the key to efficient, flawless appliqué work. Its repositionable, non-wrinkling, and heat-resistant formula ensures smooth stitching, reduces needle issues, and minimizes thread breakages. No stains or rings on garments, just perfection in every detail!