Our stain remover spray products, which are among the best products we produce as Dose, have been developed using a special formula for use in textile and apparel production processes. It allows removing unwanted oil, grease and other stains on the fabric without leaving any moire. It can also be used easily and safely on wool, knitwear, cotton, silk and synthetic materials. In addition, when oil stains appear on finished products, it allows you to clean the stain before the shipping date.
Stain Remover Spray Products
Trying to remove stains from clothing and fabric is often frustrating. If you don’t notice the stain, especially before washing and drying, it gets worse. At this point, professional stain remover spray products come into play.

But you need to do a lot of research to find the right and best stain remover spray product. A good stain remover easily cares for your clothes and fabrics. So how do stain remover sprays work? Does it make sense to use laundry detergent instead of this product? Let’s answer right away, definitely not!
Remove Stains and Rinse
The technique of our stain remover spray products is actually simple. We use some active ingredients and formulas to surround the molecule in the stain and remove it from the surface. Our products allow water to wet the fabrics better, making it easier to release stain molecules and then wash them.

It gives excellent results, especially if there are oily stains such as oil and butter on the surface where you will use the spray.
Solve Stains
Our laundry stain remover spray products also act as a solvent. A solvent is actually a liquid that dissolves another chemical substance. In this case, alcohol acts as a solvent for water-based and oil-based stains and is a very commonly used element. For example, as you know, a water-based hard wood stain can be cleaned with alcohol-based acetone.
Why Is Stain Removal So Important?
Stains have now become an inevitable part of our lives. A coffee or smoothie might spill on your favorite shirt. The resulting stain is very annoying because these stains are stubborn and annoying.

So, have you ever thought about why stain removal is so important? Actually, the truth is, it’s about making something look good. But there is also a health part of the matter. As you know, stains contain bacteria. Naturally, it not only damages the surface on the fabric, but can also harm human health.

Above all, stains create an ugly appearance. It can spoil the appearance of not only clothes, but also carpets and other items. Stains make a clean and attractive garment or item look ugly. In addition to cosmetic reasons, of course there are also some practical reasons. For example, a bad stain on clothing weakens the fabric. Not only does it weaken it, it also causes it to wear out and even cause punctures. Expensive clothes, especially those using delicate fabrics, become very annoying.

When you do not clean these stains in time, it becomes much more difficult to remove them. Often people resort to aggressive and ill-advised methods, using products such as bleach and detergent. But this is definitely not the right solution. The reason why these products are produced is very different. But our Dose stain remover spray products are produced for exactly this reason.
What are the Types of Stains?
There are many types of stains, and their color changes and traces on the surface are different. The difficulty level of cleaning these stains varies depending on the type. There are many types of stains, such as food stains, grease and oil stains, ink stains, blood stains, rust stains, grass, sweat, mud and wine stains.

For example, the most common food stains are food and drink stains such as coffee, wine, tea and sauce. All these stains we have mentioned leave a bad color on the fabric. Grease and oil stains generally include cooking oils, engine oil, butter and other oil stains made from oil such as grease.

The best way to remove all these stains comfortably is to use our Dose stain remover spray product. Our products, which you can purchase wholesale, have been tested and approved.
Clothing Stain Removers
Whether it’s a spilled coffee on your favorite white shirt, a wine stain, or paint from the pen in your pocket, the solution is simple. Our clothing stain remover products provide a perfect solution at this point. Now you don’t have to throw it into the washing machine out of fear.

Stains have now become a fact of our lives. Stains are an annoying situation that happens to everyone. There are many products available in the industry as stain removers, but there are very few products that restore clothes to their original state or even make them look like new.
Best Clothing Stain Removers
The day you find the right clothing stain remover product is the day all your despair ends. When choosing this type of product, you should always keep in mind the most basic factors. First of all, pay attention to fabric-related issues. Because harsh chemicals can ruin delicate silks, wool and many other things. That’s why it’s so important to read and check the instructions.

Need to remove a stain and can’t decide which is the best clothing stain remover? You don’t have to worry anymore because we will introduce you to the best clothing stain remover product ever produced.

Our Dose clothing stain remover spray product quickly dissolves and absorbs stained and oily areas without leaving any streaks on the fabric. Regarding the instructions for use:

You need to shake it before use. You should keep the box 15 cm away from the stain. At the same time, you need to hold it perpendicular to the ground and spray it on the surface you need to clean. Wait until the area where the stain is located turns into a white powder, and then start scrubbing it with a clean brush. It continues to repeat this process until you reach the desired result. Then, do not use the spray on waterproof fabrics, leather or plastic surfaces. Do not use on stains that can be removed with soap and water (such as sugary liquids and wine).

Our clothing stain remover is excellent at removing even the worst oil and food-based stains. It tackles annoying stains like coffee and oil on many fabrics, including cotton, linen and polyester blends.

With all this, our product, also known as laundry stain cleaner, is the perfect solution for oil, grease, coffee, rust, ink and much more.
Spot Lifter
Stains formed on spilled materials on clothes, carpets and similar products are an annoying situation in daily life. Finding the best spot lifter product is now very close to you. It is now very easy to clean a spilled coffee on your pristine looking carpet or to remove stubborn grease marks on your kitchen counters.

Spot lifter products help you solve all such problems perfectly. Be prepared to restore your stained items to the way they looked the first day.
What is a Spot Lifter and what does it do?
Let’s explain it simply. The spot lifter product is a lifesaver when it comes to blemishes. You woke up in the morning and, in an absent-minded moment, spilled your coffee or maybe you got some delicious sauce on your favorite shirt. The name of that magic solution is spot lifter. In short, it is an excellent product for removing stains from various surfaces.

This wonderful product, which helps remove even the stains you thought would never go away, has been tested and approved in every aspect. At Dose, it is professionally equipped using our advanced anti-stain technology.

Our spot lifter products have only one goal. You need to clean all the annoying stains that you would hate to see.
Why Spot Lifter?
Now a question comes to mind: Why should we use spot lifter instead of other stain remover products? This is actually a completely strategic decision. The spot lifter product, unlike other stain remover products, is specially formulated to remove heavy stains such as ink, wine or food. In short, a goal-oriented approach was used. The risk of damaging the material and surface is minimized.

Stain lifters are produced using special technology to remove stains and maintain the integrity of the product. The combination of anti-stain and particularly fabric-resistant formulas makes this product highly valued in the industry.
Upholstery Cleaner
Cleaning the floors is quite difficult. For example, such a spot after a meal causes a crisis. But there are a few different ways to analyze this. The best way is to use the best and correct product. The first is always the do-it-yourself part. You try the methods you read about on the internet and get negative results. But of course, the best thing to do is to use the best Upholstery Cleaner product.
What Does Upholstery Cleaner Do?
You may have some worries and concerns about cleaning upholstery. This is quite natural. Upholstered furniture is a product that adds a stylish touch to your room, but it is also difficult to keep it clean. Professional upholstery cleaning services are both expensive and do not always produce good results. In this section, we will give you some tips on using Upholstery Cleaner products.

Upholstery Cleaner products are effective cleaners that work well on a wide range of upholstery fabrics. These products, produced using advanced formulas, easily clean annoying stains and make your sofa renewed. Thanks to its powerful stain removal techniques, it is the perfect choice to tackle tough stains on your sofa. If you want to protect the appearance of your flooring and make it look beautiful, it is the best option.

Providing quality cleaning, Upholstery Cleaner products remove even the toughest stains and make it look like a new product. The Upholstery Cleaner product we offer as Dose not only cleans but also removes odors. Thanks to the formula we use, it both cleans the upholstery effectively and makes the sofa smell clean.