• It is specially designed to clean all types of brakes, brake parts in particular segments, brake shoes, drums, clumps, skids, cylinders, and springs.
  • It contains specially formulated cleansing components for removing grease, tar, and generally encrusted surfaces.
  • Thanks to the 180° valve system, it can be used upside down, allowing the user to have perfect cleansing in narrow areas as well.
Bulk Order MSDS

Brake & Parts Cleaner Spray – Product Description

Our Brake & Parts Cleaner Spray is a high-performance degreaser specifically formulated for automotive maintenance tasks. Designed to quickly dissolve grease, oil, and brake fluid residue from brake components, engine parts, and other automotive surfaces, this spray ensures optimal performance and safety. Its fast-drying formula leaves no residue behind, allowing for thorough cleaning without the need for rinsing. Whether you’re servicing brakes, engines, or other vehicle components, trust our Brake & Parts Cleaner Spray to effectively remove contaminants and restore surfaces to like-new condition with ease.


  • Shake well before use.
  • Spray it by a distance of 20 cm. Spray to the place where it is to be cleaned.
  • Wait until penetrated.
  • Dry the parts at a well-ventilated place or outside.
  • Apply multiple times if it meets with extreme dirt.
  • 360° usage is available.