• Special formula for any fabric clothing operation.
  • Excellent for removing oil and grease stains on fabrics without leaving rings.
  • Safe to use on wool, synthetic, polyester, cotton, upholstery, nylon, velvet, silk and knitted fabrics.
  • Easy of use, simple application help to meet shipment dates when faced with stains on finished garments.
Bulk Order MSDS

DOSE Spot Lifter 400ml Spray – Product Description

Keep your surfaces spotless with DOSE Spot Lifter 400ml Spray. This convenient stain removal solution is specially formulated to target and lift stubborn stains effectively. Whether it’s spills on carpets, spots on upholstery, or stains on clothing, this powerful spray penetrates deep into fibers to dissolve and lift away dirt, grease, and grime. Its compact size makes it perfect for on-the-go cleaning needs, while the easy-to-use spray nozzle ensures precise application every time. Say goodbye to tough stains and hello to pristine surfaces with DOSE Spot Lifter 400ml Spray.

DOSE Spray Spot Remover (Stain Remover) rapidly dissolves and absorbs greasy, oily spots without leaving a ring. Weight: 400 ml. 30 cans in each case.


  • Spray DOSE Spot Remover on the spot, holding the spray can in a vertical posilion at least 15 cm. from the fabric.
  • Let it dry completely until the spot is white. Brush and re­peat the procedure if necessary.
  • Do not use this product on waterproof fabrics, leather, or … spot that can be removed with soap and water (sugar sub-” · stances, wine, ete.).