• Special formula for various embroidery applique work.
  • It provides fast tack and long open time for efficient embroidery work.
  • Repositionable, non-wrinkling, heat-resistant.
  • Will not gum up needles and reduces thread breakages.
  • It does not leave stains or rings on garments.
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Fast Tack Adhesive Spray – Product Description

Our Fast Tack Adhesive Spray for Embroidery is specifically formulated to provide a strong and reliable bond for all your embroidery projects. With its fast-drying formula, this adhesive spray offers quick tackiness, allowing you to secure fabrics and materials in place with ease. Whether you’re working on intricate embroidery designs or appliqués, this spray adhesive ensures precise and permanent bonding without leaving any residue or stains. Say goodbye to messy glues and cumbersome methods – trust our Fast Tack Adhesive Spray for Embroidery to streamline your embroidery process and achieve professional results every time.


  • Shake well before use.
  • Use at an angle of 45 degrees from a distance of 30 cm to the surface to be used.
  • Adhesive disappears by flying on the fabric in 1-2 days.