• Tusing cleaner spray produced for the confection production factories.
  • Special formula for cleaning teflon coated fusing belts and iron soles.
  • Effectively removes residual adhesives and contaminants. Non-flammable under fusing conditions.
  • Can continue to work when cleaning the fusing belts without stopping the fusing operation.
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Fusing Cleaner Spray – Product Description

Our Fusing Cleaner Spray offers an effective solution for removing fusing residue from various surfaces. Whether you’re working with fabrics, textiles, or heat-sensitive materials, this spray effectively dissolves and cleans away excess fusing adhesive. Its gentle formula ensures that fabrics remain undamaged during the cleaning process, leaving behind a clean and smooth surface. Ideal for use in sewing, crafting, and garment production, our Fusing Cleaner Spray helps you achieve professional results with ease. Say goodbye to unwanted fusing residue and keep your projects looking flawless with our Fusing Cleaner Spray.


  • Shake well before use.
  • Spray to surface from 15-20 cm distance and wait 1-5 minutes.
  • Remove the remaining with a dry or wet soft cloth.