• It is a multi-purpose product, which is used for easy dismantling of the surfaces of parts that have been oxidized and fused together or for protecting the equipment of the machinery against oxidation and which has ingredients with low molecular weight compositions and which has excellent penetration feature.
  • It dissolves rusted nuts, bolts, coupling, hinges, locks, motorcycle parts, and industrial equipment.
  • It provides excellent protection against the harmful effects of wet and moist environments.
  • An industrial oil-based lubricant for all types of machinery and equipment. It stops squeaking, cleans and prevents rust, and displaces moisture.
  • Longlasting, saves time.
  • Use on parts, shafts, and rotary systems of all types of textile apparel equipment.
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Lubricant and Rust Remover – Product Description

Our Lubricant and Rust Remover is a versatile product designed to tackle two common issues in one solution. With its dual-action formula, this product effectively lubricates moving parts to ensure smooth operation while also penetrating and dissolving rust to protect against corrosion. Whether you’re dealing with squeaky hinges, rusted bolts, or seized mechanisms, this product provides the solution you need. Its fast-acting formula saves you time and effort, allowing you to quickly restore functionality to your equipment and prevent future rust formation. Trust our Lubricant and Rust Remover to keep your tools, machinery, and equipment in top condition.


  • Shake well before use.
  • Keep it upright at a distance of 15 cm from the surface to be used and spray it on the surface to be cleaned.