• It is a silicone-based lubricant spray and used on vehicle door seals, door hinges, textile machinery, conveyors, engine bearings, and all surfaces suitable for using silicone.
  • It provides a quick-drying, non-staining, durable, and uniform coating for smooth and easy working.
  • It has an anti-static effect (it does not hold dust).
  • It protects electrical circuits from moisture.
  • It prevents squeaking and sticking, protects surfaces, and delays wear. It prolongs the life of knives and hooks and protects machine paint from stains and rust.
  • Effective formula can used as a mold release agent.
  • It saves time and increases productivity.
  • In the assembly of some materials, for example, it allows the hoses to pass quickly to each other.
  • It doesn’t leave a stain.
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Silicone Spray – Product Description

Silicone Spray is a versatile product designed to lubricate, protect, and waterproof various surfaces and materials. Formulated with high-quality silicone, this spray provides long-lasting lubrication for smooth operation of mechanical components such as hinges, gears, and bearings. It also creates a waterproof barrier, making it ideal for sealing and protecting electrical connections, rubber parts, and outdoor equipment from moisture and corrosion. Whether you’re maintaining your car, household appliances, or outdoor gear, Silicone Spray offers reliable performance and protection in every application. Trust Silicone Spray to keep your belongings running smoothly and protected from the elements.


  • Shake well before use.
  • Apply from a distance of 20 cm.