• It provides superior lubrication and protection to all moving and moving parts.
  • Chains and gears provide long-term lubrication of the parts used in heavy-duty machines and forklifts.
  • Spray grease with excellent lubricant and growth regulator properties; Chains, chains, and all kinds of mechanical systems are used.
  • It propels the water, reduces the wear and extends the life of parts.
  • It provides ease of use as compared to applications, where guide oil is used.
Bulk Order MSDS

Transparent Liquid Grease Spray – Product Description

Our Transparent Liquid Grease Spray offers superior lubrication and protection for a variety of surfaces and mechanisms. Formulated with a transparent formula, this spray provides excellent coverage without leaving behind any residue or visible traces. Whether you’re lubricating hinges, gears, or other moving parts, this versatile spray penetrates deeply to reduce friction and wear. Keep your equipment running smoothly and protect it from corrosion with our Transparent Liquid Grease Spray.


  • Shake the product well before use.
  • Spray on the surface to be applied from a distance of 20 cm.
  • Apply directly to the surface, and the solvent flies rapidly in the region where lubricate is, adhesion and strength are high, and it does not flow.