Our economical oven gloves provide durability as well as comfort. What makes our best oven mitt models made of high quality 100% cotton special is that they are produced from our production residues, minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

The most important process of making a perfect professional oven mitt is using felt and foam layers during production. We try to give these materials a new purpose by recycling them. As Dose, our commitment to sustainability does not come at a high cost to you. We offer our economical heat-resistant oven gloves at budget-friendly prices and make environmentally friendly products accessible to everyone.

Best Oven Mitts

Many of us think that a towel or cloth can be used to remove a hot pan from the oven. However, other than professional heat-resistant oven gloves, all other materials you will use will not be sufficient for cooking enthusiasts or restaurants. The products we offer as Dose are designed to hold hot foods and are perfect for those working in the food industry.

So, are these products only used to take food out of the oven? Of course no! It is also used in many laboratories to provide protection against high temperatures to aid experiments. These products, known as fireproof oven gloves, are resistant to high temperatures and are also very comfortable to use.

Our gloves are made of materials that provide low heat conduction, while also preventing heat from contacting your skin from the glove. That’s why wet oven mitts don’t work as well as dry gloves. Many people think that the glove will work after contacting it with cold water, but this is not true. In fact, water conducts heat better, allowing the heat to penetrate through the glove fibers directly into your hand.

Heat Resistant Oven Mitts

The heat-resistant oven mitt models we offer as Dose are highly praised by many of our customers. They are comfortable, flexible and produced with a technology far beyond standard oven gloves. Our heat-resistant oven gloves, which provide excellent protection against dry contact heat, are used in standard kitchen environments to professional restaurants.

Another important feature of gloves, apart from protecting them from heat, is the comfort of grip they provide on hot objects. It is designed to provide excellent grip as well as contact resistance. In this way, it gives you full control over hot pans, plates and pots. Moreover, it is produced for both hands so that you can wear it quickly when necessary. Our heat-resistant oven mitt models, which are extremely affordable despite such quality, are the perfect product for catering companies and professional restaurants.

Professional Oven Mitt

Our professional oven mitt models that we offer as Dose are always safer and more useful than heat-resistant tea towel methods. Preferred by many quality chefs, cooks and bakers, our gloves not only protect you in the kitchen but also provide excellent comfort.

In addition to their form, our gloves function better in several ways. During our testing, we found that we were able to keep hot items much longer. Providing better protection, especially on the forearm, our products are superior to many professional oven glove models on the market.

Designed to withstand temperatures up to 250°, our models provide professional protection against burns and scalds. These gloves, which we produce from heat-resistant 100% cotton fabric, offer durability while also offering flexibility. In this way, it allows you to hold casseroles, pans and trays easily and comfortably.

Fireproof Oven Gloves

Ergonomically designed fireproof oven glove models provide you with maximum control and agility while handling hot dishes. Thus, our fireproof oven mitt models, which offer a comfortable experience, leave bulky and uncomfortable oven gloves behind.

Our fireproof oven gloves, which stand out with their stylish and modern design, offer superior functionality and match your kitchen clothes. Our gloves are also very easy to clean. It retains its attractiveness even after repeated use and you can continue to use it as if it were new. Equipped with a handy hanging loop, our fireproof oven gloves can be hung and stored anywhere you can easily reach them.

Many people who spend time in the kitchen may have difficulty touching a hot surface without wearing heat-resistant oven mitts. Our professional fireproof oven gloves are essential for professional chefs and food industry workers. Because when taking a hot ingredient out of the oven or dealing with hot plates, the chances of getting burned are high.

Our Oven Glove Models

Eco Series

This product, produced from 100% cotton fabric, is laminated with felt and sponge. It is one of our most economical products, as well as being biased and washable. It provides both comfort and durability.

What makes the Eco series most special is that it is produced completely free of waste. We minimized waste and maximized resource efficiency in this product that we produced from our production residues. We used layers of felt and foam in our manufacturing process to create such a unique glove. In this way, we recycled the materials and gave them a brand new purpose.

As Dose, our high commitment to sustainability does not come at a high cost to you. Our product, which we offer at completely economical and budget-friendly prices, has made environmentally friendly products accessible to everyone.

If you want to make an environmentally friendly choice, you can choose the Eco series and enjoy the comfort of 100% cotton.


This 3-layer product is made of 100% cotton fabric. It is a double layer 200 gr/m2 felted, biased and washable product.

This colorful product is designed to withstand temperatures up to 250°. Thus, it provides confidence by providing excellent protection against burns and scalds. Our Color product, made of heat-resistant 100% cotton fabric, offers you durability and flexibility. Thus, it allows you to hold pans, trays and casseroles comfortably.

Color series has an ergonomic design. It provides great control, especially when handling hot foods. Our product, which also provides high agility, offers a comfortable experience. It’s time to say goodbye to bulky and uncomfortable gloves!

It has a design that is both stylish and modern. In addition to design, it offers superior functionality and adds a stylish touch to your kitchen outfits.

When it comes to cleaning, there is nothing better! All of our gloves are very easy to clean. It continues to maintain its attractiveness even if you use it many times.


The front side of our 3-layer Hybrid glove is made of 100% cotton and the back side is made of 100% cotton aluminum coated fabric. It is a double layer 200 gr/m2 felt, biased and washable product.

Our double-sided gloves are produced to maximize the kitchen experience. This product, which we designed especially for modern kitchen enthusiasts, has an aluminum coated surface for unrivaled heat resistance. On the other hand, it has a very eye-catching, trendy and excellent design.

One side of the product showcases the power of aluminum-coated fabric, which is reflective and insulating against high temperatures. It also adds a stylish look with its pattern that matches your kitchen outfit.

The Hybrid series has an aluminum coated surface. In this way, it acts as a complete barrier against scalding and temperatures. Providing maximum heat resistance, our product allows you to feel safe even while cooking your favorite recipes without compromising its style.


The 3-layer Metalic series is made of 100% cotton aluminum coated fabric. It is a double layer 200 gr/m2 felt, biased and washable product.

Meet the latest innovation in kitchen safety with Metalic. This product, which we designed for high heat resistance, maximizes your cooking comfort and protection. It has a state-of-the-art design model consisting of aluminum coated fabric that provides superior heat reflection. Thanks to the high technology we use, our product acts as a barrier and allows you to easily hold even the hottest kitchen utensils.

As you know, aluminum coatings not only reflect heat but also offer unique insulation. This creates a protective shield between your hands and boiling temperatures. Now you can be more comfortable and safe in the kitchen than ever before.

The Metalic series, which we produce from high quality materials, is not only durable but also very light. Now you can move effortlessly through your cooking hours and say goodbye to bulky oven mitts.