What You Need to Know About Ironing Board Covers

An ironing board cover is as important as a good ironing board or ironing board. Many people fail to see that one of the most important things needed for good ironing is an ironing board cover. It is the most important thing for fast and easy ironing and for getting rid of even the most annoying wrinkles.

Does the ironing board cover affect the ironing quality?

Regardless of the power or quality of an ironing machine, the most important part of ironing is steam. If steam or heat is not transferred properly from the ironing machine to the clothing, wrinkles usually do not disappear.

However, a correct ironing board cover ensures that the heat and steam from the ironing machine are transferred directly to the clothes. If there is sufficient heat and steam, all wrinkles in your clothes will be smoothed out quickly. However, a bad and poor-quality ironing board cover does not transmit heat and steam properly, no matter how high-quality the ironing machine is. This way, it takes longer for the wrinkles on your clothes to smooth out.

The materials used when making an ironing board cover are also very important. Some fabrics used in making covers generally allow faster ironing than other covers. Thus, it prevents clothes from being damaged. Generally, a smooth ironing board cover is usually much better. Being smooth allows heat and steam to be transferred faster.

How are ironing board covers diversified?

The information we have mentioned so far has not helped you understand which ironing board cover is right for you or not. The varieties we will explain now will help you more in this regard. There are many different ironing board covers available and they all offer different ironing experiences. So, now let’s take a look at the types of ironing board covers.


Ironing board covers with a drawstring lock system, usually made of 100% cotton, at least 2 layers and 2.5 mm sponge, may be the first choice. This fabric model is generally much more resistant to stains, water and heat. In short, they are highly resistant to heat damage. At the same time, cotton and teflon reflect heat, so there is no burning or scorching.

They provide the ideal texture much more smoothly to ensure adequate heat transfer. You do not need to wash or clean daily ironing board covers made of 100% cotton. They are very easy to maintain. These two fabrics we mentioned also prevent your clothes from moving on the ironing board.


The right ironing board covers absorb heat and have reflective surfaces to ensure it doesn’t linger in your cover. What is a reflective surface? Reflective surfaces provide faster ironing. This prevents your clothes from burning. Additionally, if your ironing board cover is of good quality, it provides protection against heat damage. However, it has heavy padding to provide extra grip.


Of course, design and color are also important. A decorative ironing board cover is not only aesthetic but also visually adapts to its environment. For example, a colorful ironing board cover with bright tones or designs with complex patterns are generally preferred.

A Little Summary

In short, we recommend you to choose the best ironing board cover models with a drawstring lock system, made of 100% cotton, at least 2 layers and 2.5 mm sponge. These covers, which allow you to iron your clothes without damaging them, provide protection against many dangers. It also facilitates the removal of wrinkles and provides a smooth surface.

To prevent your ironing board covers from getting boring after a while, you can choose covers with colorful or fancy patterns.

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